duckgirlie (duckgirlie) wrote in slash100,

Challenge #9: Hold Me Tight (Topgun, Iceman/Maverick, PG)

Title: Hold Me Tight
Author: duckgirlie
Fandom: TopGun
Pairing: Iceman/Maverick (Who else?)
Rating: PG
Team: Camouflage

You’d never believe two people could fit in the cockpit of a fighter jet. He didn’t believe it himself at first. But ever since that first time, he’s had enough practise to be sure it works. Enough times of knocking his head off the canopy, enough to know exactly how much space he has. How hard he can thrust, and how much room he has to give. He’s been clocking more hours on the ground then in the air. But tonight is different. Tonight, Maverick just wanted to be held. And to his surprise, Iceman just wanted to hold him.
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