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Challenge #09: Painting on a Sunny Day (Mean Girls, Cady/Janis, PG)

Title: Painting on a Sunny Day
Author: Queen Nectarine
Fandom: Mean Girls
Pairing: Cady/Janis
Rating: PG
Team: Camoflage

*I feel good in a special way
I'm in love and it's a sunny day*

Cady had never met anyone like Janis before. Janis was art in human form, every movement, every word was a picture.

All the guys in school liked Cady, but Cady didn’t want them. She wanted Janis. She wanted the witty, quirky, absolutely adorable art freak. She wanted Janis to paint her on innocent white sheets.

Janis likes to play music when she paints. Sometimes heavy metal; sometimes punk; sometimes, if she’s really mad; she plays Britney. But when she paints Cady it’s always the Beatles.
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