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Challenge #9 Ordinary Lads [High Fidelity; Dick/Rob]

Title: Ordinary Lads
Author: Ladystardork
Fandom: High Fidelity
Pairing: Dick/Rob
Rating: G
Team: Pink

Dick doesn’t know if he’s ever been in love, and he doesn’t know much about it, other than what he’s heard from The Smiths or The Violent Femmes, and most of their sentiments don’t make him particularly want to.

He thinks that he must be in love. People don’t normally swoon internally while they watch someone file records, do they?

Rob seems so perfect, as he flips through ‘Ska A-L’, making sure that Barry didn’t intentionally misfile ‘The White Album’ again, his hair over his face, and the florescent light casting making illusions of vibrations on the tacky linoleum floor.
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