ms_kinnikufan (ms_kinnikufan) wrote in slash100,

Challenge #9 : You Really Got A Hold On Me ( Incredibles, [Syndrome/Mr. Incredible]PG-13)

Title: You Really Got A Hold On Me
Author: Ms. Kinnikufan
Fandom: Incredibles (yep, the Pixar Movie)
Pairing:Syndrome/Mr. Incredible
Rating: PG-13
Team: Pink

Mr. Incredible had a hold on Buddy Pine all his life.
From when he was 5 years old to current times, Mr. Incredible was the most frequent subject of his thoughts.
When he was 5 to 11, they were innocent: fantasies of fighting amongst his side. When he was 5 to 11, they brought him fun.
When he was 12, they were far from innocent, and brought him guilt, shame and wet sheets.
He somehow thought being his sidekick would make them go away, make them clean again.
Rejection happened.
From that point on his thought became murderous and vengeful.
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