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Challenge #9 : Do You Want To Know A Secret? (Incredibles, Stratogale/Macroburst,G)

Title: Do You Want To Know A Secret?
Author: Ms. Kinnikufan
Fandom: Incredibles (again)
Pairing: Stratogale/Macroburst (they're really obscure, but they're there.)
Rating: G
Team: Pink
It was better that Stratogale not know I like her, Macroburst would secretly justified to herself.
It’s not like she even knows I’m female. If I were to confess my crush on her, I would have to reveal that I’m female. Macroburst was afraid that would freak her out.
One day, after a big super team-up, Stratogale took Macroburst aside.
“Do you want to know a secret?” she asked Macroburst.
“Uh, Sure?”
“I know both your secrets. The one about your femaleness and the one about your crush.” She whispered.
“You do.” Un-oh.
“Ummm, I really like both of them.”
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