coleo_paiper (coleo_paiper) wrote in slash100,

Challenge #9: Honey Don't (Charmed, Paige/Piper, R)

Title: Honey Don't
Author: Coleo_Paiper
Fandom: Charmed
Pairing: Paige/Piper
Rating: R
Team: Pink

God, she smells and tastes so good. I feel right at home with my face buried deep within her burning snatch. Truly, she is amazing.

Bringing up my head, I see her pained and horrified eyes. I smile sadly.

“I had to have you,” I admit, while running my fingers over her weeping clit. Slowly, I crawl up her body and rest myself on her left breast. I start to breath heavy as I begin masturbating on my big sister’s boob.

As I start to slide against her pussy slicked breast, she whimpers. I touch her lips, whispering, “Honey, don’t.”
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