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Challenge #9: How Can I Ever Try, I Can Never Win (Yu-Gi-Oh, Yugi/Jonouchi, PG)

Title: How Can I Ever Try, I Can Never Win
Author: Writin'Chica2K/Darchangel Skye
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Pairing: Yugi Muto/Katsuya Jonouchi
Rating: PG...hell, practically G
Disclaimer: All YGO charas belong to Kazuki Takahashi, all referenced Beatles lyrics belong to said group, I claim no ownership.
Team: Pink

It's not something Jonouchi wants to keep secret. He wants to dance in the street, shout his joy from the rooftops, tell any stranger he can pull aside he's happy to be in love with the most wonderful friend ever. They say if you truly love someone, you shouldn't be afraid to tell the world.

Whoever "they" are never took this into account. Pull ten strangers from the street and nine wouldn't understand, just because the friend he loves happens to be Yugi. Life doesn't work like in fairytales.

Painful as it is, he has to hide his love away.
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