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Challenge #9: Octopus's Garden (Buffy, Spike/Xander, PG)

Title: Octopus's Garden
Author: Emella
Fandom: Buffy
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG
Team: Camouflage


Xander opened the bathroom door, paused and immediately started laughing.

“An octopus's garden with me
I'd like to be under the sea
In an octopus's garden-”

Upon Xander’s laughter Spike stopped singing and pulled the shower curtain back harshly. “Oy! S’not polite to just barge in Pet.”

Spike glared as Xander laughed harder.

“Oh-Oh my god,” Xander wiped away small tears from his eyes. “The Beatles?! And that song?!”

Spike glared when Xander giggled again. With vampirical speed he reached out, grabbed Xander’s t-shirt and hauled him forward, pressing a hard kiss to his lips.

That would shut him up.

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