duckgirlie (duckgirlie) wrote in slash100,

Challenge # 9, Across the Universe (Empire Records Mark/Lucas)

Title: Across the Universe
Author: duckgirlie
Fandom: Empire Records
Pairing: Lucas/Mark
Rating: G
Team: camouflage

Across the Universe, Mark’s favorite song (their song?), blared on the radio. On the sofa, not too close, Joe was in the office, and they couldn't have that, could they?
Nevertheless, eyes staying forward, they both slowly shifted, silently moving closer and closer, until their thighs were pressed close from knee to hip. Lucas felt his breath quicken as Mark's hand gently brushed against his own.
As the tingling in his fingers spread up his arm, he turned to the boy next to him, and gently pressed a kiss onto his cheek.
Mark smiled, and that was all he needed.
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