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Challenge #9: Ask Me Why (Empire Records, Gina/Corey, PG)

Title: Ask Me Why
Author: Catlin
Fandom: Empire Records
Pairing: Gina/Corey
Rating: PG
Team: Camouflage

Gina is a slut.

She knows that Corey knows, and apprehension builds within her like acid. She waits for Corey's next visit, waits for Corey's tentative Psych-101 questions, waits for Corey to *talk* to her.

And when Corey bubbles about classes, professors, Gina imagines telling her how much she hates her own life, imagines Corey's earnest, encouraging words. She stills Corey with a hand on her knee, slowly sliding beneath her skirt. Corey stutters, and Gina smiles and knows Corey would never understand.

Gina has sex because it's what girls like Gina do when they don't have anything to say.
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