duckgirlie (duckgirlie) wrote in slash100,

Challenge # 9,Renton in the Sky (Trainspotting, Renton/Sickboy)

Title: Renton in the Sky
Author: duckgirlie
Fandom: Trainspotting
Pairing: Renton/Sickboy
Rating: G
Team: Camouflage

Sometimes when he’s high, he feels like he’s flying. And he’s so fast, and so high that he doesn’t even feel like he’s moving. He can see the world. But he closes his eyes and blinks it away. Because he doesn’t want to see the world. He doesn’t want to see Swanney’s flat, and he doesn’t want to see the others stretched out beside him. He doesn’t want anything to pull him back down. But sometimes, when Sick Boy pulls him close, pressing his lips against the corner of his mouth, he lets himself be pulled back down to earth.

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Oh, this is lovely. <3 Yay, Trainspotting slash!
It's a severely underrepresented fandom. Do you know of anymore?
:D Yayness, alright.
Hmm, once I had about 3 saved on my harddrive. Then I had to format it. :( *viruses grrr* Lemme see If I maybe had printed some...

Yes! Ok, goooogling. ... Strike! :D

Hardly a Substitute by Alex PARTS 1 to 4 (!!!)
Scroll down, under Miscellaneous.

Here are two fics as well...

The third I could't find by the way of google.
It's 'The Video Store' by Sarah.

And I'm suddenly all motivated to write some myself. :D

Mine is here, if you're interested.
Yay! *clicks*
Or rather later, as my seminar starts now. :P