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Challenge #9: Happiness is a Warm Gun (Anita Blake, Anita/Raina, R)

Title: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Author: Catlin
Fandom: Anita Blake
Pairing: Anita/Raina
Rating: R
Team: Pink
Note: set in 'Lunatic Cafe'; Raina catches up with Anita after Alfred's death. Thanks to cschoolgirl and Helena for word count help.

Raina's idea of payback was not what I had expected - torture, I could've dealt with; hell, anything save death would've been easier to handle than this.

The gun, still warm from recent use, nudged my panties aside and slid against me as though it had been made to do just that.

It rubbed over my swollen clit like smooth, practiced fingers - the very definition of fucking death - and made my blood race south for the winter.

She worked the weapon into my prepared body and purred out, "You seem to be enjoying yourself, Executioner."

And God help me, I was.
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