ms_kinnikufan (ms_kinnikufan) wrote in slash100,

Challenge #9 : Don't Ever Change (Archie comics, Betty/Cheryl, G)

Title: Don't Ever Change
Author: Ms. Kinnikufan
Fandom: Archie Comics (Yep. Archie.)
Pairing: Betty
Rating: G
Team: Pink
When they got together, everyone was surprised. The had sort of been rivals over Archie.
Cheryl Blossom and Betty Cooper-a couple nobody in Riverdale had ever imagined!
They were later upstaged when Dilton and Adam run off together.
Everyone expected Betty to change dramatically when she became Cheryl’s girlfriend.
They sort of expected her to become more butch and more “political”.
Betty remained sweet, dressed causually/elegently depending on the situation, and was still as wholesome as ever throughout the years.
“Don’t ever change, Betty. You’re perfect as you are.” Cheryl would say to her every birthday and anniversary.
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