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Challenge #9 : Any Time At All (Archie Comics, Betty/Cheryl, G)

Title: Any Time At All
Author: Ms. Kinnikufan
Fandom: Archie Comics again.
Pairing: Betty/Cheryl
Rating: G
Team: Pink
Author's note : A Prequal to Don't Ever Change if you wish it to be.
Archie wasn’t part Betty’s life anymore. He wasn’t part of Riverdale anymore. He had just disappeared 4 months ago without a word. The police had investigated and had not found evidence indicating that he was dead or alive.
She had talked to Veronica about it, but they soon devolved into blame games.
After she and Veronica had their falling out, Cheryl offered her companionship.
“All you gotta do is call and I’ll listen. “ Cheryl had said with a sweet smile.
Betty did, and had found Cheryl’s words wonderfully soothing.
Before she knew it, Betty found herself falling for another redhead.
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