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NON-CHALLENGE: Classic (CI1, Ryan/Billy, PG)

Title: Classic
Author: writinchica2k
Fandom: Canadian Idol 1
Pairing: Ryan Malcolm/Billy Klippert
Rating: harmless PG
Disclaimer: Figment of my imagination.

It's not something mentioned in the papers, or on the important websites, just something discussed in "whispers" of the boards and journals devoted to the fandom.

People "giggle" and "gossip" over the touches, glances, and innuendo, with usually the same ending every time.

"Aren't they just made for each other? It's a classic love. How come no one else has picked up on it?"

Billy only laughs when he thinks of that phrase late at night, and gently curls his hand around Ryan's. There's only one person who needed to pick up on all that, and he's glad he did.
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