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Challenge #9: P.S I Love You (Real People, John Terry / Frank Lampard, Pg 13)

Title: P.S I Love You
Author: Arwen_Elven
Fandom: Real People
Pairing: John Terry / Frank Lampard
Team: Camouflage
Notes: It's my first drabble here so hope you like it!!

It was the day of John’s operation and already Frank had sent hundreds of texts and had been worrying all day.
‘Hey are you alright mate?’ Andriy strolled over to Frank’s side of the changing room.
‘Not really.’ He replied , taking his phone from his jacket pocket.
‘Any news?’
Frank looked at his inbox , one new message and it was from John.
I’ve just had my operation
I know you’re worrying! Don’t I’m fine.
John x P.S I love you

‘Yeah,’ He smiled as they left the room. ‘He’s fine.’ He’d just realised all he needed was assurance.
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