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Challenge #9: Mean Mr Mustard (Real People, John Terry / Frank Lampard, Pg 13)

Title: Mean Mr Mustard

Author: Arwen_Elven

Fandom: Real People

Pairing: John Terry / Frank Lampard

Team: Camouflage


The smell of creamy hot chocolate filled the air as Frank walked in and settled next to John on the sofa after training. They’d both spent the last half an hour trying to decide what film to watch but they managed to settle on Lord Of The Rings after much deliberation.

‘I’m hungry.’ John sighed. ‘Can you make me a sandwich?’

‘Who am I? Your slave?!’ Frank laughed giving in to John’s pleading expression. A few moments later he returned.

John took a bite. ‘MUSTARD?!?!?!’ He cried , spitting it out.

‘That’ll teach you to stop being lazy!!’ Frank laughed.

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