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Weekly Slash 100 Challenge

all fandoms, all slash, all the time

Multifandom Slash 100 Challenge
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All Members , Moderated
All fandoms. All slash. All the time.

Rules o' Conduct
1. No flaming. At all. You will be banned.
2. All drabbles must be exactly 100 words. Yes. EXACTLY.
3. All challenges last one week. They will be posted on Sunday. You have until Saturday midnight (Pacific Standard Time).
4. Any fandom is allowed and courage, no matter how popular or obscure.
5. Dude. It's gotta be slash. Girl or boyslash. Either one.
6. There is no rule number 6!
7. Crossovers are allowed. It's just. gotta. be slash. (Pre-slash or unrequited crushes do count.)
8. No off-topic posts. At all.
9. When you post your drabble(s), post which team you wish your points to go to.
10. Feedback rocketh. Always remember that.
11. Cut-tags are your friend when the content merits a rating above R.
12. You may submit up to 20 drabbles per week. Got that? Twenty. That's a lot of damn drabbles.
13. We like challenge suggestions and ideas! Really, we do!
14. If you write multiple drabbles, we prefer you make seperate posts for each. For archiving/linking purposes. And to save my sanity, because I'll end up forgetting a couple drabbles if you post them all in one go.
15. Incest fic is allowed.
16. Have fun! That's the point of it all!

The Challenge
Each Sunday, a new challenge will be posted. You have until midnight on Saturday (PST) to post your drabble(s).

For each drabble submitted, 10 points will be awarded to the team of the author's choice. Only drabbles that are exactly 100 words will count for points.

Yes, I know, I'm not that creative. So I chose colours. When you post your drabbles, post which team you wish your points to go to.
Pink or Camouflage.

There's really no difference between the teams, it's just for a bit of friendly competition between slashers. :D

When Posting
Make sure you include ALL of the following in the header. Yes, that's right. All.

The subject line should look like this:
Challenge #_: Drabble Title (Fandom, Pairing(s), Rating)

Yes. We do expect you to use that template EXACTLY. Not replace it with something you looks better. Not with hyphens, not with all commas, etc. With the exact format listed above.

There's no excuse for not following these guidelines. If you fail to meet them, a mod will leave a note to you in the comments. If you don't change it by the time the challenge ends, the points you would have gotten will be discarded.

Challenge #008: CAMOUFLAGE - Camouflage (50), Pink (30) - Terror
Challenge #007: PINK - Camouflage (20), Pink (40) - Pride
Challenge #006: PINK - Camouflage (30), Pink (50) - Mirrors
Challenge #005: PINK - Camouflage (20), Pink (50) - Rocky Horror
Challenge #004: CAMOUFLAGE - Camouflage (90), Pink (150) - Sweets/Candy
Challenge #003: CAMOUFLAGE - Camouflage (190), Pink (150) - Drugs
Challenge #002: PINK - Camouflage (10), Pink (140) - Cracked
Challenge #001: TIE - Camouflage (90), Pink (90) - School's Out For Summer

Inspired by dc100. Point idea taken from hp100.
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